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When he's not creating outstanding commercial projects, Jeff finds himself deeply into the music and performing arts scene, whether presenting, producing, performing, advising, facilitating, mentoring or just plain listening.
Jeff is always looking for ways to do more to participate in and support the performing arts. He has a particular interest in furthering music education in our schools and exploring ways of encouraging folks to delve into all forms of music, regardless of genre. He has presented performers as varied as Pokey LaFarge, Lightnin' Malcolm with Cedric Burnside, Xiomara Laugart, Francois Moutin and Louis Moutin, Brandon Ross, Janine Nichols, Rebecca Miller and Chris Cawthray.  
He supports the work of Market Square Concerts, the Harrisburg Symphony, the Central Pennsylvania Friends of Jazz, the Blues Society of Central Pennsylvania and much more.

Jeff acts as webmaster for friend and co-conspirator Kip Hanrahan's American Clave records.  He is associated with Tin Can Buddha, the Louisville based performing arts collective. Other very special musical friends include the brilliant bluesman the late Mitch Ivanoff, jazz guru Steve Rudolph, Parisian vocalist Mina Agossi and the late Jack Bruce.

He is founder of Blue Elephant, an ensemble with musical partner Ray Santanna and various musicians invited to join in. Jeff plays fretless bass guitars and upright bass. 
A source of considerable pride is his work producing "Ardent Marigolds" the album by Jonathan Ragonese and Steve Rudolph. Click on the play button below and listen. It is astonishingly beautiful.

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